About Buffalo Row

Buffalo Row was born with the goal of creating fun, unique, and metabolic workouts using rowing and strength training to improve fitness. Each class is specially designed to increase heart rate and maximize calorie burn!

While rowing is the highest of metabolic exercise, using over 85 percent of muscle tissue it is also very low impact, making it easy on joints. It offers a wonderful training experience for many who have injuries of the knee, hip and spine. Every workout, integrates rowing and resistance training to build muscle, burn fat, and make you sweat.

Water Rowing Tutorial

The most under utilized piece of equipment in the gym can now be your #1 fat burning and get fit machine by doing a few simple things!
We understand that new equipment can be intimidating.  Furthermore, maybe you used an old rowing machine in the past that was awkward and maybe put strain on your back.
Luckily, those days are over.
Check out this video to learn the basics so that you’re ready to row when you get here!

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